Some people get weepy when they drink hard liquor. The folks at Still Fired Distilleries get funny. Maybe silly at times; their motto is “Drink More Moonshine”… This is the folksy version of Nova Scotia distilleries, and while others produce moonshine, too, Still Fired plays with the concept, not only distilling fun, flavoured Maritime moonshine, but coming up with the best names for it, too.

What to chuckle while you imbibe? Okay, then, try one of these Still Fired Distilleries moonshines:

  • Granny’s Apple Pie (ssshhh; Granny is better off not knowing)
  • Night Owl Coffee (bet it will make you sleepy!)
  • Root Beer (locally made, step aside A&W!)
  • Diver’s Envy Spiced Molasses (do not drink and dive)
  • Rapture of the Deep Dark Molasses with a dark rum flavour (not a cult!)
  • Three Sheets to the Wind White Molasses (a Nova Scotian definition)
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb
  • Honey (no bees were harmed!)

This is one of the most reasonably priced distilleries in the province, with most spirits at 750ml tagged at roughly $30 per bottle. Upgrades can run as high as $45, but it’s definitely fair pricing. The products are available at the distillery, as well as independent stores around the province such as Bishop’s Cellar in Halifax, Harvest Wine Store in Dartmouth and Liquid Assets at the airport. Several farmers markets also carry Still Fired Distilleries spirits, including: Wolfville, Kentville, Yarmouth, Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Aldenery Landing (Dartmouth) and Annapolis Royal. Still Fired ships products anywhere within Canada.

Visitors are welcome to tour the facility, which is situated at the Lequille Country Store on Highway 8 on the way into historic Annapolis Royal (a fantastic place to visit!). Made from all natural, locally sourced ingredients, Still Fired products are distilled in the first “legal” stills that were made in Nova Scotia (goodbye, prohibition!), and are carefully hand-crafted.

But moonshine isn’t everything and it doesn’t suit everyone, not even masked with funky flavours, so Still Fired distills other spirits, too, namely:

  • Premium Vodka
  • Amber Rum
  • Vanilla Bean Vodka
  • Thai Chili Pepper Vodka
  • Fundy Gin (triple distilled over Bay of Fundy beach stones, and with 8 botanicals)

If you opt to include Still Fired in a Nova Scotia distillery tour, the closest local distilleries are Barrelling Tide in Port Williams and Ironworks in Lunenburg.

Still Fired Distilleries is enviably located in one of Canada’s most historic towns, Annapolis Royal, dating back to the early 1600s and a National Historic Site (yes, the whole town!). Visit Fort Anne, the ancient graveyard (military and Acadian, the Fundy Tidal Power Plant, the Historic Gardens, and the old wharf (still in use), and then grab a jigger (or bottle) of good old Nova Scotia moonshine to light your way.

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